You don't have to go far to get eloped and don't neccesarily need to "run away"...

Call me a rule breaker, but I'm really interested in expanding the parameters and breaking the stereotypes surrounding weddings and marriage. In my eyes, a wedding can be pretty much ANYTHING you want it to be. There are only a handful of things that need to happen to make it official, and the rest is what you want to have happen. Opting for a tradition that you don't know the meaning behind, or following rules for proper wedding etiquette just because that's what you think you should do, doesn't make a lot of sense to me. On the other hand, some folks love following the traditions that have been passed down for generations, and I get the value of that too. Just do you, make it about your love, and those who love you will understand (and admire) you making it your own.

Lauren and Travis made this day their own and we had so much fun in lush green "terrarium" of the Volunteer Park Conservatory in Tacoma, WA.

Be sure to scroll to the bottom to check out the photos from our stop at the Museum of Glass!