This wedding was absolutely awesome! All about love, no stress, great food and music for an intimate group of people on their family's property. Megan and Travis kept to traditions but did it in their own unique way. They had touches of vintage gold, black candlesticks, and a honeymoon fund jar. Not to mention a greenhouse converted to a bar, another greenhouse cigar lounge, and a taco truck! How cool is that??

Megan really wanted me to capture her mother's flourishing garden, something so special to her as a gift to her mother for hosting the wedding on her land, and I was so thrilled to do so! One of my favorite parts of shooting an intimate wedding is getting there early and capturing all of the little set up details before anyone arrives. I also LOVE the time spent shooting the bride and groom getting ready for their big day- there is such an energy of excitement and giddiness!

It was such an honor for them to allow me to capture their special day! Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. White!