love: an intense feeling of deep affection.

I don’t want to make this about me… but not only was this a special day for Megan and Travis and their friends and families, it felt like a special day for me too. I had shot a handful of weddings prior to this one, but I felt like I had hit my stride, and these are still some of my favorite images from 2018! By “hit my stride” I suppose I mean that I was finally getting along with my camera, and alignment with my product and imagery. I captured moments they didn’t know I was around for and was there before they ever tried to find me. Shortly after this wedding, I ruled out family photography as a service I provided and shifted my focus onto couples, intimate weddings, and elopements.

This wedding was absolutely perfect. All about love, no stress, good decorations, food and music for an intimate group of people on the family property. Megan and Travis kept to traditions but did it in their own unique way. They had touches of vintage gold, black candlesticks, and a honeymoon fund. Not to mention a greenhouse bar, another greenhouse cigar lounge, and a taco truck.

I was really glad to have had the opportunity to shoot the White Wedding and learn so much about the direction I wanted to take my photography business in. It was really special for me to acknowledge the honor it was to be capturing their special day and what an honor it is to capture all “special days” since then.


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