entrada: an expedition or journey into unexplored territory.

Bend is full of unexplored wilderness and a unique landscape. I lost track of how many buttes I saw and drove through never-ending roads to waterfalls. The LOGE Entrada is a gem. They’ve somehow encompassed the Bend outdoorsy desert hardcore adventurist vibes I was witness to there, and also made it so cozy you might never want to leave your room.

“We find forgotten motels near our favorite towns and trails, and bring them back to life with a variety of ways to stay like hotel rooms, hostel bunks, and campsites. From on-site gear rentals to fire pits and free live music, LOGE delivers a welcoming outdoor-adventure focused experience at each of its locations.”

If you get a chance to stay at any of the five LOGE locations, you’re in for a treat. They’re doing some really neat things I can get behind, supporting micro-community culture for travelers passing through, supporting outdoor adventures, and even offering free movies and live music- how awesome!

Big thanks to LOGE for letting Nick and I capture some fun images and explore the Entrada.



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