sanctuary: a place of refuge or safety.

Being the Adventure Coordinator at PacWesty has opened my eyes to some pretty neat perspectives, events, issues, and organizations; this coastal cleanup being one of my favorites. PacWesty’s core values are centered around Caring, Connecting, Contributing, and Creating. By combining all of these values and getting involved with other organizations with similar goals and values, amazing things can happen. 12 of us ventured out to Hobuck Beach Resort to camp for the night and to Shi Shi in the morning for the cleanup. Shi Shi was chosen because it’s the most difficult to access and typically the last beach volunteers will sign up for. 4 miles through about a foot of mud sure wasn’t easy, but it was so worth it to see to the glorious views at Shi Shi.

We celebrated Earth Day in the truest way, and so did 1,030 other amazing volunteers. Together, the volunteers covered over 200 miles of coastline split between 60 beaches nearest the Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary and collected over 30,000 lbs of trash. WOW! If this wasn’t made possible by Washington Coast Savers to make this collective goal a reality, 30,000 lbs of trash would eventually end up washing back out into the Marine Sanctuary… and a trash-filled sanctuary really isn’t a sanctuary at all.

I look forward to collaborating with Washington Coast Savers and connecting them with PacWesty, currently working on a van wrap project that would enable a small donation percentage to go back to the Washington Coast Savers. Stay Tuned!

Shoutout to United By Blue for aligning themselves with such an amazing mission and having boots on the ground, making it happen. For every product they sell, UBB removes one pound of trash from Our World’s Oceans and Waterways. It was a pleasure to capture a few product shots while out adventuring.