spontaneous: (of a person) having an open, natural, and uninhibited manner.

Ever meet a couple and they just GO together so well, like really compliment each other? This was the case for these two. As they rode around the brick roads in Pioneer Square on Brent’s bike together looking cool as hell I was just waiting for someone to yell out “#couplegoals”!! Any day I can capture some goofy, loving, spontaneous humans is a good day in my book. As Brent and Mariko prepared for their upcoming college graduations together, they also prepared for something even bigger – moving in together and heading to a new state (maybe even getting a dog too)! These now Portlandian’s shifted my focus from all of the smelly, strange and not so beautiful things we are witness to in the city streets, to such happy thoughts. As we waited patiently for huge groups of tourists to pass by between their underground tour stops, they cleared out and time froze for just a minute when I captured these two on the sidewalk, back to back. They enjoyed the beauty of the city, while I enjoyed capturing that awe-inspired look.

To make this shoot even cooler, one of my favorite Seattle shops, Wayward, outfitted them with the most functional, high quality and just all-around hip as it gets gear. Huge thanks to Wayward for collaborating with me and making this couple+product photography session so unforgettable.

This shoot was filled with laughter, cool vibes, outfit swaps, rad sunnies, alleyways, and one beautiful bike. Cheers to Brent and Mariko!!


Items featured from Wayward:

The Smith Red Roll Pack Millican
Klettersack ballistics black / leather Topo Designs
Camille ecru shirt Rhythm
Paige v-neck Jungmaven
Natural horizontal tee Dickies 1922
The Edison slate Coal
Diego trucker hat Deus
Carpenter shirt Rhythm


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