special: better, greater, or otherwise different from what is usual.

A little rain in the Pacific Northwest didn’t stop these two lovebirds! These two met during college in Bozeman Montana and decided to have their intimate wedding beachside on Bainbridge Island. It was so special to see the bride and her besties jumping on the bed, high five-ing (with their tattoos from the same artist) and all rocking matching Birkenstocks! Who can comfortably wear heels in the mud and sand? I sure can’t. It’s SO neat that MyKenzie carried on this tradition from her mother’s wedding.

I won’t forget the thoughtful, one of a kind pieces like the painted “Just Married” jean jacket and custom made drink wear. I also won’t forget one of the most special moments of the evening, a big group hug after the ceremony.

Cheers to Mykenzie and Eli a lifetime happiness and love!

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