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"Her photography ROCKS, and she has great rates!!! Comfortable personality and we got a TON of cute pictures!! Highly recommend." -jeff wright


about nora 

So, I am jumping back into this photography thing full speed ahead and am so thrilled about it! I have loved photography since I got my first camera in '07. I took photos just for fun and brought my first Nikon with me everywhere I went. I love to capture moments that are one of a kind and authentic. It's an amazing thing to bring people joy and a boost of confidence by showing them how amazing they look in their images. As you can see from this photo, I'm not afraid to bundle up and get outdoors in the chilly PNW winter weather! When I'm not behind my camera, I'm working as an Adventure Coordinator at a VW Rental company called PacWesty and exploring with my boyfriend in our Teardrop Trailer! Otherwise, Let's get together, and make some memories to last forever! Don't hesitate to utilize the beautiful surroundings of the Peninsula -lets explore a serene forest trail, a rustic barn, driftwood beaches or a newfound spot!